Tuesday, 17 February 2009

blog moved to http://mikebygrave.com

Sorry about the terseness of the previous message - I was in a bit of a hurry.

I've moved my blog over to mikebygrave.com, mainly because I got bored of the format of this Blogger blog. A mate (Adam) bought me the mikebygrave.com domain name last year, so I figured it's about time I used it properly.

I've moved all the posts from the archive over there, and I've set up a new feed over there as well, so it should be just the same as this blog, but prettier (and more Wordpress-y).

I hope you choose to go and check out the new blog, and maybe even subscribe to its feed. I'm planning to spend a bit more time blogging over there from now on, and I've got a couple of new ideas bubbling under, so it should be worth it.

Thanks for reading the blog.

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